Attraction to the “chrome bumper” era is universal; it knows no age or gender barriers and has few critics.
Ryno Insurance Downunder Beachfest is run for people passionate about ‘Hot Rods, big fins and chrome
With the first event held at Caloundra on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast in 2015, you wouldn’t think it was 4 years ago this year. Ryno Insurance Downunder Beachfest is a tribute to this era; a festival featuring the hot rods, classic cars and motorcycles that were built before 1983. And, of course, there is the classic music of the era performed by bands who remember what ‘Brylcreem’ and ‘vinyl records’ are.

Ryno Insurance Downunder Beachfest is run by people passionate about ‘all things automotive and chrome’.

People whose lives revolve around the passion of collecting, building, showing and driving these vehicles.

People who understand the ‘head-turning’ charisma of these classics.

Whether you’re into Hot Rods, Classic Cars, Muscle Cars, Classic Motorcycles, even Classic Caravans (as long as it was built prior to 1983), Ryno Insurance Downunder Beachfest is the only place to be.

You have heard it before, there is only one place to be between the 5th of June until the 9th of June…………..So we will see you there.